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Free Downloads


Our intention is to release a selection of the utilities that we have developed in-house as Freeware. We will also be releasing free "Lite" versions of some of our software products.

Line 50 Memo Viewer

This program will allow the user to View or Print the Memos held in their Sage Line 50 system. Compatible with Line 50 versions 7 to 11.

Download Line 50 Memo Viewer v1.0.3 (2.7 MB Exe File)

This screen shot shows the Line 50 Memo Viewer program being used.

Memo Viewer

Line 50 Backup Analyser

This program will display information about a Sage Line 50 backup file. It is ideal for Accountants or other Sage Professionals who have to deal with backup files from many different clients.

Download Line 50 Backup Analyser v1.0.1 (1.6 MB Exe File)

This screen shot shows the Line 50 Backup Analyser being used.

Backup Analyser

Hex Converter

Really simple programmers tool to convert Hex to Decimal or vice versa. No frills to get in the way.

Download Hex Converter v1.0.0 (1.6 MB Exe File)

This screen shot shows the Hex Converter program being used.

Hex Converter


This program is ideal for the Website developer who wants their Client or End User to be able to update certain selected parts of their website without having to make changes to the master HTML files.

Download ParaLoad v1.0.2 (1.6 MB Zip File)

ParaLoad Documentation

This screen shot shows the ParaLoad program being used to update the "Cocktail of the Month" section of our website.