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Connecting your business to the Internet


This special service has been designed for small to medium sized companies who want to connect to the Internet.

  •   Your staff will be able to send external email to anyone on the Internet from their workstations.
  •   Your staff will be able to send internal email to each other.
  •   Authorised staff will be able to browse the Web from their workstations.
  •   Incoming email will be automatically sorted and sent to the correct workstation.
  •   You will have your own Web site to advertise your products and services.
  •   You will be able to design and update your Web site yourself.


The only requirement is that you have a network of Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP computers.

What does the service involve

We will help you with all the complexities of getting connected to the Internet.

  •   We will help you to choose and register an Internet domain name.
  •   We will help you to get ADSL or BT Business Highway installed.
  •   We will produce you a shopping list of Hardware and Software.
  •   We will visit your premises to set the system up for you.
  •   We will provide training for your staff.

Interested ?

Contact Martin at D-Trak Limited for further details.

By Email: martin@d-trak.co.uk or by Phone: +44 (0) 1722 415144